Guerrilla Games to Zone in on GDC?

OK, we were a little off when we suspected the mystery sequel to debut on GTTV was Killzone 3, however the core belief that such an announcement is nigh still stands as recent forum chatter from a reliable source suggests that a reveal of Guerrilla Game’s anticipated sequel is right around the corner.

A few days ago, well respected and seldom -if ever- wrong industry insider, SikTh, paid a visit to the PSU community forums to let loose a few details regarding the upcoming exclusive shooter.

Killzone 3 has been unveiled, but only to the press. I wasn’t wrong, nor was it disinformation. The curtains will be drawn on Killzone 3 this month. I can promise you that. Sony’s financial plans for the next year will impress the lot of you. This all happened in February, like I said it would. It’s not up to me when the news is allowed to go public.

Given SikTh’s reputation, we’re reluctant to take our regularly scheduled dose of salt, but considering the unpredictability of the video game industry, we suggest you keep your supply close by until GDC rolls through.