Killzone 3 Readies New Weapons: 3D and Arc Support

Although the PlayStation 3 already has a deep exclusive line-up of games, later tonight Sony will announce yet another PlayStation 3 exclusive title that’s in the works. Many have speculated that it will be a sequel to the popular Warhawk titled Starhawk, or maybe even a direct sequel to Sucker Punch’s superhero title inFamous. What we do know is that the title to be announced is a sequel to a Sony exclusive, and it will be revealed tonight.

According to CVG, an inside source has leaked information suggesting that the announcement tonight is for Killzone 3. The most surprising thing about the leaked information is that the source claims that not only will Killzone 3 support 3D, but will also support the soon to be released PlayStation Wand. Information suggesting these details and the announcement for Killzone 3 aren’t too far off. Detail leaks as long as 2-months ago have rumored Killzone 3 has a huge upcoming announcement, and its development is no secret thanks to sources on LinkedIn.

At any rate, this will remain a rumor for now but we will know at 12:30 EST tonight what the real announcement is, so stay tuned.