PS3 is Lead Platform For Medal of Honor

Dubbed the “true sequel to the Call of Duty 4 campaign”, Medal of Honor is one of the most promising shooters which will be released this year. Featuring awe-inspiring visuals and entertaining classic MOH gameplay, EA are looking to challenge Modern Warfare once again. During the GDC, it’s been revealed that Medal of Honor, a series that originally debuted on a Sony console, will use PlayStation 3 as its lead development platform.

During the Game Developers Conference 2010, Joystiq managed to snag a preview of the Medal of Honor reboot, where they received news that the PS3 will indeed be the lead platform.

The producer confirmed that development is being led on the PS3, and he reiterated Sony’s previous claims that a game that starts out on Sony’s hardware will be better suited for multiplatform production; benefiting both PS3 and Xbox 360. The PS3 demo I saw ran at a very solid framerate, although it appeared to be displaying in a sub-HD resolution. Regardless, I was still impressed by the current build’s more-than-solid performance.

The core gameplay apparently revolves around Call of Duty, as the game is hailed as the “true” sequel to one of the if not the best shooter in history: Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. JoyStiq also mentioned that the single-player won’t “revolutionize” the genre, but you can bet the multiplayer component will. After all, it does have a completely separate engine to support it.

Some new screenshots may give you the reason for why the shooter is highly regarded. Check out the shots below:

Medal of Honor is penciled down for a release this Autumn.