Sony Holds Expectations High For 3D TVs

At this year’s Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, Sony stole the show with their staunch support of 3D. Not only will an update to play 3D games be hitting the PlayStation 3 shortly, they also plan on releasing a full line of 3D capable products including TVs. The company will be releasing their highly anticipated 3D TVs later this year, and despite a dwindling global economy, they are setting their sales expectations extremely high.

Sony plans on releasing their 3D TVs on the projected June 10th release date in Japan, and when they do finally bring 3D TVs to the market, they expect sales to reach an accumulative of 2.5 million units in this fiscal year alone. Furthermore, they expect to sell 25 million LCD TVs during fiscal year 2011, a staggering 67% more than their current target of 15 million units for 2010.

However, firm competition stands in the way with Samsung and Panasonic expected to break into the market with their own 3D TVs, slightly earlier than Sony. Although, one should also note that Sony is currently the only company to already  have over 30 million 3D-ready Blu-ray players in people’s homes with the PS3. Much like the PS3 did with Blu-Ray, Sony will use the console to usher in 3D technology as well.

The PlayStation 3’s next firmware update is confirmed to add 3D support to the console. Owners  are eagerly anticipating 3D Blu-ray movie releases such as James Cameron’s Avatar, as well as 3D capable games.

3D definitely seems to be the future of home entertainment, and Sony knows this. Expect Sony to pull out all stops when unleashing its 3D ambitions to the market just a mere few months from now.