David Jaffe Gives Update on Next Game

No matter if you love him or hate him, when David Jaffe speaks, gamers listen. His newest title, rumored to be Twisted Metal PS3, has been heavily anticipated by the PlayStation community. Every little update the mastermind behind the God of War and Twisted Metal franchises, is usually a hot topic. Now is no different, as Jaffe has given the latest status update on his new game.

In this latest blurb on his blog, Jaffe talks about how much he’s enjoying writing the script for his latest game.

Great weekend ya’ll! I’m stuck inside tomorrow banging out some more stories/scripts for our game. But I don’t mind- game is going well and the stories are fun to write. Plus we are doing all the movie making with the talented video production/services group at Sony San Diego and from the early tests we’ve seen from them so far, the flics look pretty cool! I think we’re gonna end up with some neat-ass movies in this game! But hell, in between writing, I’ll spend a little time with War/Darksiders. Yes, I am STILL trying to finish it. I thought I was gonna do it last weekend but a little game called GOD OF WAR III hit my inbox and I played that all weekend (finished it too!…when is the last time I finished a game in 1-2 days?!? Probably it was ICO back in tha day!)…

It’s interesting to note the “more stories/scripts” part of the paragraph. Twisted Metal: Black featured different stories for each character in the game. Though the series in general was never heavy on storyline.

Sadly we’re left just as baffled as we were with his previous updated. C’mon Sony, unleash Jaffe’s game unto the PlayStation community already. GDC just ended, so it looks like we’ll have to wait for PAX East (wishful thinking) or E3 (most likely) for Eat Sleep Play’s PS3 game to be debuted.