PlayStation Move Could Be Limited to Foursome

Sony unveiled the full capabilities of its upcoming motion controller, titled PlayStation Move, only a few days ago at GDC. The latest information about this impressive device shows that the controller also supports an optional side-controller called the “sub-controller.” While response has been largely positive, there are some new details regarding the sub-controller that may prove to be limiting in the future.

During a recent EuroGamer interview with Justin Cooney from SCEA, Cooney revealed that when using the PlayStation Move sub-controllers, only two sets of controllers can be used with the PlayStation 3 at any single time. Cooney stated the following:

“There’s a cap of four controllers total… That includes the nunchuck-style wireless offhand controllers.”

What this means is that most co-op and offline multi-player games will either be restricted to two players, or will be limited to only the main Move controller. While disappointing, there’s a chance that this can be remedied before launch since Sony does have several months until the official release in Fall 2010.