Demon’s Souls Heading to European Territories

So far only American and Asian gamers have had a chance to play Atlus‘ RPG epic Demon’s Souls. Europeans RPG fans have been long wondering when they’ll be able to enter the world of Boletaria. This latest news regarding the PS3 exclusive offers a glimmer of hope that Demon’s Souls will see a European release.

According to a Spanish publication, Demon’s Souls will be released in Spain this year. This of course hints at a release within other European territories.

Sony had previously stated they have “no plans” for a European Demon’s Souls release. Yet with over 1 million units sold and rising, revenues could lead to releases in various European countries.

Last month, Finnish online retailer Gigantti had seemingly confirmed a European listing for Demon’s Souls, with a PEGI rating of 18, but Sony has not offered a response on this yet.