Demon’s Souls May See European Release

February 21, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Demon’s Souls was released last year in October, receiving a warm reception from the critics despite its reputation for the unforgiving difficulty. To date only Asian and American gamers have had a chance to play this unique RPG and PS3 exclusive. Europeans RPG fans have been wondering when they may have  a chance at Atlus’ epic.

This may offer a fleeting glimpse of hope.  A Finnish online retailer Gigantti has seemingly confirmed a European listing for Demon’s Souls, with a PEGI rating of 18. Sony had previously stated they have “no plans” for a European Demon’s Souls release. Yet with over 1 million units sold, revenues could fuel releases into new territories.

Many have been importing Demon’s Souls, but European gamers entering the world of Boletaria would be great news as this unique gem  shouldn’t be missed.

PlayStation LifeStyle will keep you up to date if Sony offers a response.