MAG Patch 1.04A is Ready for Deployment

Even though Zipper Interactive is busy working on SOCOM 4 (and adding PlayStation Move support to boot!), they’re still hard at work making MAG the best 256-player FPS that it can be. Even though an update was recently released on the 12th, yet another update, 1.04A is ready for deployment and has some substantial improvements.

Even back during the Beta phase for MAG, fans complained that the S.V.E.R. faction had an unfair advantage with in the Sabotage mode. The Syr Daria Uplink will no longer have a clear advantage for S.V.E.R. soldiers as things have changed. Check out the updates below.


  • Adjusted player boundaries to limit “spawn camping” exploits in Darien Network, Copper Hills Relay and Syr Daria Uplink maps.

Map – Syr Daria Uplink

  • Pushed in physical defensive boundary for Attacker’s “Alpha Squad” spawns 10 meters.
  • Removed two short staircases in front of Attacker’s “Alpha Squad” spawn.
  • Relocated box truck to block sightline on attacker’s right side at “Objective A” stairwell.
  • Added box truck to block sightline exploit to Attacker’s “Alpha” squad main entrance.
  • Added fence line to Attacker’s right side at “Objective A.”
  • Pushed parachute drop near “Objective C” forward by 25 meters.
  • Added new entrance to “Objective C” building in right corner.
  • Added additional geometry near “Objective C” to block sightline exploits near main door.
  • Added and removed various small object and panel locations to repair or enhance sightlines.
  • Multiple terrain repaints in various locations.


  • Fixed crash that sometimes occurred when reviving players who died while interacting with objective.

Look for this update starting tomorrow. Now how about some DLC, Zipper Interactive?!?

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