Heavy Rain Issues Causing Tears

Quantic Dream‘s ambitious cinematic thriller took the gaming scene by storm. However, whilst Heavy Rain is being played by millions of gamers enjoying the game’s unique experience, there are a few who are experiencing some difficulties playing the PlayStation 3 exclusive.

Various players are reporting problems regarding freezing, making the game unplayable. A dev from Quantic Dream has posted the company’s latest position on the issues:

The latest news is that the game patch has now completed development and is currently in the final stages of testing. While a fixed release date is not currently available we are expecting the update to be released very soon.

As mentioned previously, this patch is not targetted purely at the issues reported in this thread but does address a range of minor issues which could be contributing factors. Given the small percentage of players affected by these issues and the difficulty that has been had in reproducing them here we’re optimistic that this patch resolves your problems but cannot guarantee that this will be the case.

Are you one of those who is unfortunately experiencing the difficulties? Let us know in the comments section below.