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Starhawk Could Have MMO Elements

Ever since that original rumor let slip that the then newly formed Lightbox Interactive was working on a “Warhawk in space“, the imagination of PS3 owners have run rampant with possibilities. Well, imagine this; Starhawk could have MMO elements, giving the intergalactic follow up to Warhawk a much larger scale, trumping the epic battles the predecessor featured.

For a long time, all we had to go by was the “Warhawk in Space” rumor started by Kotaku. More recently a trademark for the name Starhawk was discovered along with the domain registration for However, that doesn’t give any hints to what the game might feature.

Apparently Lightbox Interactive has been recruiting a team compiled of talented individuals with previous experience on MMOs. James Mestemaker worked for both Bioware Austin and NCSoft, on Star Wars: The Old Republic and Tabula Rasa, respectively. Both games are popular MMOs. Steven Wartofsky also worked for both Bioware and NCSoft, as a producer of “internal and 3rd party MMOs.

Of course this isn’t much to go on, but it’s the first hint of what the upcoming project from Lightbox Interactive may feature. For now, this is speculation only. We’ll have to wait until E3 for any official information.

Thanks Kendrick for the tip!