SEGA Looks to Establish New Franchises, Make Sequels

SEGA has been a key figure in the gaming world since the early 90’s with their SEGA Genesis home console. After several botched attempts at recapturing that success in the home console arena (Sega CD, 32X, Saturn), SEGA switched solely to creating software. As of late, their software has been causing quite a stir on consoles, receiving high review scores from critics and much fan acclaim.  So it comes as no surprise that SEGA is throwing around the idea of releasing sequels of their latest games.

With Bayonetta and AvP receiving such critical-acclaim, it would be a shame if sequels weren’t at least being discussed. Sega president Mike Hayes has told CVG he is mainly focusing on the company’s core games, but would like to ‘sequel-ise’ other IP’s including the two aforementioned titles.

We want to get the core games right before anything else. We’ve got our shooter with AvP and our RPG with Alpha Protocol – we really want to make those into franchises.

If you think about it, we can sequel-ise Bayonetta, AVP, Alpha Protocol and we can make a hit of something like Vanquish. Add that to Football Manager and Virtua Tennis – we actually have a broad portfolio.

The game’s creator Hideki Kamiya had shown interest in Bayonetta 2, stating he would consider a spin-off for the title. But this is the first we’ve heard of these other games getting sequels.