Tretton: Premium PSN Would Be Compelling & Justified

Rumors involving an optional paid subscription for PSN have been floating around since late last year. Last week, new domains were found involving the title “PlayStation Plus” and while most users haven’t had enough reason to complain, some are already voicing their concerns. Thankfully, according to a recent interview, if Sony implements a Premium service then it will be justified.

Jack Tretton, CEO of SCEA, speaking with Geoff Keighley of GTTV, has gone on the record and stated that Sony will only integrate a Premium PSN service if it is warranted. During an interview with Tretton he stated the following:

“As far as a subscription service is concerned, we’re very proud of of the offering we have for consumers for free. There is no question if we think we can come up with a compelling experience that will warrant an investment from consumers that’s something that we’d consider, but that its not anything that we have … to announce.”

When pressed if they were going to take away from the free experience we enjoy today, Jack Tretton then added:

“No I think that’s the key. We already feel we brought a lot of value to the consumer… but until we feel we have something, like PlayStation Move, that justifies an investment, we aren’t going to come out with half cocked technology or product offerings.”

While it hasn’t been confirmed whether or not there will be a Premium PSN service in the future, it’s good to know that if there will be one, it will be justified. It’s a safe bet that the service will be announced at E3 2010, and hopefully it will include some great features such as the rumored Cross-Game Voice Chat.