Brink Taking Features & Customization to the “Next Level”

Bethesda secretly unveiled Brink at last years E3 behind closed doors.  Over all the presentation was impressive and the ability to swap in and out of classes on the go was unique. Brink aims to shake things up with the first person shooter genre with their all new SMART Freerunning System. As the game’s development progresses, so does it’s evolution of new interesting features as well as customizations.

In an interview with NowGamer, Splash Damage‘s creative director Richard Ham was asked if Brink would include features in the game such as air strikes.

“Definitely! In fact, back in 2003, our title Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory introduced earning XP (experience points) to level up and earn new combat abilities. So we’ve been doing this kid of gameplay for a long time, and Brink definitely takes it to the next level. I think players are going to be really surprised by the sheer number of new items, abilities, weapons, weapon add-ons, and outfits they can earn as they play.”

Brink is developed by Splash Damage, published by Bethesda Softworks, and releases this fall on PlayStation 3.