L.A. Noire Script Spans 12 Feature Films

Information about the upcoming L.A. Noire is finally starting to pick up, and with that has come new information about the script of L.A. Noire.   In a recent article with EDGE Magazine, Team Bondi Co-Founder Brendan McNamara revealed that the script for the upcoming crime drama has reached 22,000 pages.  To put that in perspective, the recent Heavy Rain was reported to be around 2,000 pages long.

“The script’s up to 22,000 pages,” McNamara stated. “That’s two full years of a TV series and probably 12 feature films. It goes a lot of places!”

22,000 pages is a lot for a game, or any form of media for that matter, and hopefully we will see some gameplay in the coming months at this year’s E3.  L.A. Noire is being published by Rockstar and is set for release later this year.