120GB PS3 Stock Meets Demand; Tops Bestsellers

More than two months ago, the 120GB version of the PlayStation 3 started becoming hard to find as availability became increasingly limited. Retailers such as Walmart have reported limited stock while others such as Amazon have been completely sold out for nearly a dozen weeks straight.

Amazon.com is now showing the 120GB PlayStation 3 Slim as in stock and available to ship. Now that it’s back in stock for the first time in months, its placement on the Amazon Bestseller list has shot to the top. Hopefully this is a sign that PlayStation 3 stock is starting to meet demand and those who have been looking for one won’t have to scour the city looking for a shop with PS3s in stock.

As a side note, several other PlayStation 3 related inventory have also remained on the Bestseller List. God of War III remains on the top 5 with its $54.54 price point while Assassin’s Creed II is in top 15 with an unbelievable price point of $29.99.