Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Reveal In April

As Grand Theft Auto IV did it two years ago, Rockstar Game’s Red Dead Redemption is set to innovate the open-world genre once more. With a bustling world with interesting characters, incredible environments, and amazing interactivity. Though, like GTA IV, this won’t only be for single player.

Rockstar Games has announced that Red Dead Redemption will receive it’s first multiplayer details during the week of April 5th. The game is set to be larger than San Andreas from Grand Theft Auto, so we can already assume this multiplayer will utterly fantastic. As RockStar points out …

“We believe this game sets a new benchmark for open world multiplayer gaming and are very excited to be talking about it properly. [So] get your wild bunch ready.”

Red Dead Redemption releases May 18th in North America, and will hit a few short days later for UK, on May 21st. To get a sense of Rockstar’s latest, read up our preview of Red Dead Redemption.