David Jaffe Would “Love” to See a Remake of his Past Games

David Jaffe has been hard at work developing the first retail PlayStation 3 game from his studio, Eat Sleep Play. For so long he’s only talked of his future title, however, now the eccentric creator of God of War and Twisted Metal is speaking out about his past titles, giving his thoughts on the possibility of remakes.

Speaking in his latest blog post, Jaffe stated that he would love to see a remake to a game he has developed in past years. He refers to the very first God of War title and goes quite in-depth on what he would change:

“And to answer a question that I imagine someone may be thinking: yes, I’d LOVE to see a remake of a game I’ve worked on in a few years. Take God of War I. Do it with better graphics, add new puzzles and characters, twist the story a bit, fix the stuff that sucked, redesign Kratos (bad ass in 2035 is gonna look a lot different than bad ass in 2005). I got NO issues with this and think it would be very cool. Ideally they would retain the core of the game (violent action with a strong central character and a blend of accessible combat mixed with some puzzles and platforming all set against the backdrop of the ancient Greek myths). As long as they didn’t walk away from that core, I’d have 100% no issues.”

We certainly hope bad ass in 2035 looks better than bad ass in 2005. But do we really want to wait that long for a remake to one of his games? Would they still even be relevant that far into the future?