“No Plans” for Battlefield 1943 DLC

Gamers around the world still are still enjoying DICE’s latest effort on the PSN Store, Battlefield 1943. Even though it was released last summer, Battlefield 1943 is still drawing a strong following that is comparable to the biggest online games for the PS3. However, this strong following may not be enough to warrant DLC or a new iteration, says DICE producer Gordon Van Dyke.

Responding to a question at PAX East, about whether the game would receive any more content, Van Dyke said:

There’s no plans. There’s no plans for DLC.

Van Dyke went on to talk about how Battlefield 1943 was an excellent way to show off the studio’s remarkable Frostbite engine, which is again showcased in their latest PS3 title, Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Then, asked whether any other Battlefield games would receive the downloadable treatment, Van Dyke replied:

There’s no specific plans. The success of [1943] has given it an existence within our lineup, in our thoughts. You could possibly see another type of 1943 in the future. But it doesn’t mean it’s going to be based on 1942. Seriously, all options are open. We haven’t closed our mind off to anything and we haven’t locked down that we’ll do anything specific.

Battlefield 1943 was certainly a success for DICE. The game, across all platforms, sold an astounding 1 million copies in only a month. Stick with PlayStation LifeStyle as we bring you all the latest news regarding Battlefield 1943.