Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Early Details Roll In

Red Dead Redemption is set for a full multiplayer reveal in April, and everyday we wait is absolutely agonizing. So we’re happy to announce that the painful wait just got a a whole lot shorter, as Rockstar Game‘s newest title has received it’s first multiplayer details. Magazine has revealed Red Dead Redemption‘s first multiplayer details. The magazine has been on the shelves for a week now, and confirms something we were already suspecting: Red Dead Redemption is going to have an incredibly fun multiplayer. According to the magazine, Red Dead Redemption will not have a multiplayer lobby, as many games do, but instead a free-roaming mode.

Read Dead Redemption has an extensive multiplayer mode. Instead of a lobby, it begins with a free-roaming multiplayer mode where players can run freely through the game world. They can form gangs with other players they meet there, and this transition can be computer controlled bandits.

Players in the game world will be able to hunt, and also horse keep. The title will feature regular multiplayer modes such as deathmatch, capture the flag, and a Gold Rush mode, in which it’s players will have to collect bags of gold, while fending off the other enemies.

Red Dead Redemption releases May 18th in North America, and May 21st in the PAL regions. Like what you see of the game so far? Check out our preview of the title to learn even more.