Beta Testing Readies SOCOM 4 for Deployment

April 10, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

Although 2010 already had an outstanding year of titles in store for consumers of all kinds, SOCOM 4 recently debuted and was given a 2010 release date. The SOCOM series is home to thousands of huge fans as well as a unique tactical team-oriented approach to third-person shooters. Although a release window of late 2010 is in the books, it looks like fans will have a shot at playing this highly-anticipated title long before it’s released.

According to Ironstar Movement, during an interview with Jill Webber from Zipper Interactive, Webber confirmed that there will be a beta for SOCOM 4. Although no further details have been released, it’s safe to say that the beta will be a few months before release in a similar fashion to MAG. The recent gameplay reveal for SOCOM 4 at GDC 2010 was very impressive so any chance to play this hot title early is a good one.

Zipper Interactive recently posted on Twitter that exciting developments will be revealed in coming months. Perhaps big new information as well as a beta date will be revealed. At any rate, anything coming from Zipper Interactive should be big news for PlayStation 3 owners.