Final Fantasy XIV Beta Could Eventually Come to The PS3

April 10, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Gamers who are eagerly awaiting a chance to try out Final Fantasy XIV on the PlayStation 3 may have to wait a bit longer for a beta of the online multiplayer-only RPG to arrive on the console. Phase 1 of the beta is planned for the PC only. However, the game’s producer has hinted that the beta’s second phase could very well make its way onto Sony’s console.

Speaking during an interview with the latest issue of Dengeki Magazine, Final Fantasy XIV’s producer Hiromichi Tanaka has stated that phase 2 of the RPG’s beta has a high chance of being playable on the PlayStation 3.

We may not make it in time for phase 1 of the beta, but around phase 2 of the beta we believe we will be able to support PS3.

The first beta phase is confirmed for PC. The only way to get into any PS3 beta for the game, though, is to have a copy of Final Fantasy XIII which contains a serial number. The serial number can then be used to register on the FFXIV website.