Modern Warfare 3 Confirmed, Delayed Due to Ongoing Warfare

Little did 22 ex-employees of 2015, inc. know when they stopped making Medal of Honor games for EA and created their own company, Infinity Ward, that they would go on to make two of the most successful games of all-time, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2. If you’re a fan of Call of Duty, then you know all about the current Infinity Ward/ Activision Warfare that is going on which has lead to the dismissal of four senior-level developers of the highly respected series. Modern Warfare 3 has been confirmed, however we have some bad news for you.

For those of you who need a refresher, on March 1, a day before Battlefield: Bad Company 2 hit, Jason West, President of Infinity Ward and Vince Zampella, CEO of Infinity Ward, were fired and escorted out of the IF studios by security. West and Zampella claim that the team had not received lucrative royalty payments for COD: Modern Warfare 2. Activision says that they hired lawyers to check out the two and discovered that a case of ‘insubordination’ was present as they said the two had been shopping ideas around to rival companies, including Electronic Arts.

Who truly knows who’s telling the truth, although Activision confirmed that Modern Warfare 3 is in pre-production, the bad news is that the development of MW3 has been delayed due to the whole situation, as West and Zampella were ‘purposely’ holding back on the title. With Modern Warfare 2 selling over 14 million copies worldwide, it’s a shame to see that both sides couldn’t work something out before it turned into this awful situation.

With Call of Duty 7 hitting later this year, there’s a small chance that you might see the newly created ‘Sledgehammer Games’ take on the COD franchise before you’ll be able to save the world once again in Modern Warfare 3.

What do you think, PSLS fans? Did Activision try to screw the guys and gals over at Infinity Ward out of their money or were they looking for an excuse not to pay them? Hopefully all of this mess will be cleared up ASAP so that West and Zampella can move on to greener pastures.