The Tester Boasts a Big Following

April 14, 2010Written by Anthony Brown

The Tester is the exclusive PS3 reality show, where contestants are challenged to see who has what it takes to be the next great game tester. It all starts with 11 contestants and only 1 is chosen the victor. Each week the contestants are exposed to various gaming challenges to prove they have what it takes. Recently some official numbers were revealed about the popularity of the show, more after the jump.

The Tester was a solid success. Susan Panico, senior director for the PlayStation Network has confirmed that downloads for the show has reached nearly 2 million and is still climbing.  That sort of viewership is substantial and likely has garnered notice from some Sony big wigs.

Some of you may know me better by my “tester” name of Naucious. While my efforts were valiant in the end, fell just short of the Grand Prize. Now I have made my way to this vibrant PlayStation community, PlayStation LifeStyle. Thank you guys and gals for welcoming me with open arms. I look forward to providing everyone with great gaming news.

Stay tuned with PlayStation LifeStyle for all the latest updates about The Tester.