Wait and See for Splinter Cell on PS3

Splinter Cell: Conviction, along with the series as a whole, has been a hot topic for PlayStation 3 owners. The latest Splinter Cell title is currently exclusive to Xbox 360 and PC, and has even been denied on PS3 by Ubisoft themselves. However, never say never, as many once exclusive titles have eventually made their way to the opposing console.

The last Splinter Cell title to appear on PS3 was over three years ago, the with the release of Splinter Cell: Double Agent. While the series hasn’t appeared on the PlayStation 3 for quite some time now, it may come back in the future. In a VG247 interview with Ubisoft’s Maxime Béland, the creative director was asked on the future of Splinter Cell appearing on PS3. The response given was quite interesting.

Naturally, we have to bring up the series and PS3. It’s been made clear that Conviction’s a 360 and PC exclusive, but what about future games? Are we going to see them coming to PS3 and other platforms? Would you ever even consider doing a main SC title as a PS3 exclusive?

We’ll have to see what decisions are made by Ubisoft’s management in the future; the decision for Conviction was purely a business move. Microsoft have been wonderful in their support for Conviction. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with them on Splinter Cell Conviction.

Recently, two LinkedIn profiles pointed out possible development for Splinter Cell: Conviction on PS3.