Plethora of Fitness Titles Lined Up For PlayStation Move

April 19, 2010Written by Mike Hartnett

Those of you out there who may be fans of the latest craze of fitness oriented, casual games will be pleased to know that Electronic Arts, along with several other developers, are planning on bringing their line of fitness titles, previously reserved for those with Wii’s, over the PlayStation 3 via PlayStation Move.

Speaking with MCV UK, Simon Prytherch, managing director of NewU Fitness First developer Lightning Fish Games, had the following to say regarding the e-fitness craze:

The non-games sector will benefit more than any other sector from Natal and PlayStation Move.These devices are suited to non-core audiences.

These devices are suited to non-core audiences. A key feature of these devices is the ability to accurately monitor user performance.

We will see new ways of interacting and new genres emerging as creative minds get to grips with the technology.

This is definitely good news for Sony, as the casual fitness gamer is just about the only demographic they haven’t pulled in yet. With PlayStation Move offerings that satisfy the hardcore, casual gamers and now soccer moms, it looks like Sony has the market cornered.

EA Active 2.0 is slated to hit the PS3 sometime in quarter four of this year, along with what is sure to be a mother load of other “casual” games, both awesome and not so awesome. Either way, it’s great to see Move getting support from developers on both ends of the gaming spectrum.