Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Announced

We saw it coming – but the announcement still shocking, nonetheless. At Capcom’s latest gaming event, CAPTIVATE, the Japanese publisher/developer powerhouse announced its newest fighting crossover title – Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. We’ve got all the details as well as the game’s reveal trailer after the jump…

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will boast “a ‘moving comic’ style, blurring the boundaries between 2D and 3D graphics.” As you can see in the trailer below, the game will look very similar to Street Fighter IV. The trailer features characters Ryu, Morrigan, Wolverine, Hulk, Iron Man, and, here’s a surprise: Resident Evil 5’s Chris Redfield will be included as a playable character. The game is scheduled for release in spring 2011, and will use the MT Framework engine, which was used for Lost Planet 2 (it was also recently revealed that MT Framework can create 3D games).

[youtube width=”685″ height=”340″][/youtube]

If you noticed at the beginning, there are a few silhouettes behind the Marvel and Capcom logos- can you try and figure out who they are? Comment below and share your thoughts with us!