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Tecmo Koei Believes Dead Or Alive: Paradise Contains ‘Beauty’

April 27, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Dead or Alive: Paradise is a PlayStation Portable game from developer Tecmo Koei. The game focuses on taking pictures of busty women as they pose in bikinis. Sounds great right? Wrong. The game is an absolute mess and not at all worth a purchase unless you are a video game girl ogling creep. Despite being a trainwreck, Tecmo Koei’s boss says the game contains ‘beauty’.

During an interview with CVG, Tecmo Koei head Yoshiki Sugiyama reveals the decisions on bringing Dead or Alive Paradise to Sony’s handheld device.

Picture yourself. You’re on the bus to work. You’re stuck in traffic and it’s raining outside. There’s someone sitting next to you shouting on their cell phone and a baby crying somewhere else. You can turn your PSP on and be transported instantly to this world of colour and beauty.

It’s pure, mobile escapism with a touch of titillation thrown in for good measure. That’s why we’ve brought it to PSP. There was a huge amount of interest and demand to have the franchise back on PlayStation, as well as in portable form, so the game naturally works for the PSP. We’re very happy with how it looks.

Maybe Sugiyama is one of those aforementioned video game ogling creeps. That or maybe he doesn’t mind peddling smut to kids via their PSPs. Dead or Alive: Paradise received a below-average score on PlayStation LifeStyle. Check out the review here.