Hydrophobia Swimming its Way to the PS3

Hydrophobia, the Xbox 360 exclusive title is a water-based survival-adventure game from developers Dark Energy Digital. Now, I’ll have to admit – a water-based action game is pretty bad-ass, so who wouldn’t want it to arrive onto the PlayStation 3?

GameHounds‘ latest podcast episode sees them talk to a few members from the Dark Energy Digital team. Within the episode, the forthcoming downloadable shooter will seemingly be releasing on the PS3 when the developer said a simple “Yes, there will be.” to a question regarding if the game would come to the PS3.

As noted by Joystiq, several XBLA games, including Castle Crashers and Braid usually release on the PS3 one year later due to the Microsoft exclusivity. So, we’ll have to wait quite a while for Hydrophobia. But, hey, it’s coming at least, right?