What Do YOU See in Latest Dead Space 2 Trailer

April 29, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

Man, is it just me or do you just hate those stupid Rorschach inkblot tests? Whatever answer you give is always wrong and afterward, people think you’re some kind of crazy psycho, so you never win. In Isaac Clarke’s case, he probably is just a little bit insane. Why wouldn’t he be? After surviving the battle with all of those deadly Necromorphs in the original Dead Space and thinking that his dead girlfriend was helping him the whole time, you’d be a bit loony too my friends. Dead Space 2 looks to continue the tale of Isaac Clarke’s battle against the Necromorph and could easily top the first game by leaps and bounds.

So tell me gamers… What do YOU see in the Dead Space 2 ‘Dimentia’ teaser trailer below!?!

Be sure to visit the updated Dead Space 2 website containing new details of the upcoming horror title.