PS3 Architecture Provides Perfect Platform for Casual Developers

April 30, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

During the past few years of battle between the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the difference between both console architectures have been called into question. Microsoft went with a much more affordable approach with their current-generation hardware, while Sony stretched out far and included top-of-the-line hardware at what initially was a high price. However, some people in the gaming industry are starting to notice that the PS3s powerful hardware is beginning to pay off.

Recently, did an interview with Kirill Plotnikov, the Vice President at Alawar Entertainment. During the interview he made mention that he believes the PS3s hardware presents no limitations for software developers. Kirill stated the following:

“Sony has created exceptionally comfortable working conditions for casual game developers, which has allowed us to make our most challenging ideas a reality.”

The PlayStation 3’s free access to online gaming, powerful hardware and popularity worldwide are just some of the reasons that developers are compelled to create exclusive PSN titles. Titles such as Flower, PixelJunk Shooter and WipEout HD are just a few examples of what potential a free online gaming sphere has. With PlayStation Move coming later this year, the potential will once again become even greater as the PlayStation 3 builds an even wider library of exclusive titles.