PSN Review – PixelJunk Shooter

PixelJunk has become a staple of the PlayStation Network with their familiar feel yet totally new gameplay experiences. Shooter continues in that direction by paying homage to a old Commodore 64 favorite, “Hero”. Does this follow-up to Eden join the pantheon of PixelJunk greats?

As the story goes…

In the distant future, far beyond our galaxy the human race has expanded into space and colonized planets far and wide. As more the universe is depleted of resource, and with the cost of energy and food soaring, a fierce search for the next big supply is under way. Huge trans-galactic corporations launch ever more risky expeditions, seeking greater power, and profit. But as the race to explore strange new worlds intensifies, so, too, do the dangers…

You are aboard the spaceship Ers Pinita Colada in the galaxy containing Apoxus Prime, an M Class Planet with a population of 540. While visiting the sector a distress call is detected from below the planet’s surface. It is up to you to make your way through the three different zones to save the population of workers and scientist.

Each zone contains five levels and entry into a new zone will require an accumulation of a minimum survivor amount. These quotas are relatively low and are generally reached via natural gameplay through the various levels. The mines have been over run by monsters, bats and bad guys in the mines.  Littered throughout each area are people you must save including VIPs.  Save a VIP and their friendly face will appear in the gallery available from the main menu. Be careful though an errant missile could hit an innocent bystander, or become a catalyst in an environmental fatality.

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