Just Cause 2 DLC Grapples Its Way Onto PSN

Just Cause 2‘s latest downloadable content introduces three must-have Agency items for causing maximum chaos on the island of Panau with the game’s high-flying protagonist, Rico Rodriguez. The add-on packs are now available for players to download on the PlayStation Store.

The ‘Black Market Aerial Pack’ is the ultimate accessory for airborne agents. Taking full advantage of Just Cause 2’s vertical gameplay, the pack is ideal for aerial devastation. The DLC contains:

  • F-33 Dragon Fly Jet Fighter: a versatile attack aircraft, equipped with twin missiles and quad-mounted mini-guns.
  • Multi-lock Missile Launcher: a devastating weapon of destruction featuring laser-guided auto-lock on up to four targets.
  • Parachute Dual Thrusters: twin parachute-mounted jets which transform Rico’s trademark parachute into one of the most nimble and powerful attack platforms.