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Prepare for One Final Fight in Just Cause 4’s Danger Rising DLC

All year, Avalanche Studios has been rolling out content packs for Just Cause 4‘s Dare Devils, Demons, and Danger expansion. Danger Rising, the third and final DLC pack for this expansion, now has a release date attached. The new content will go live across all platforms on August 29th for Gold Edition and Expansion Pass owners. Everyone else will be able to purchase Danger Rising the following week on September 5th.

Eight brand-new missions and a load of additional items are set to launch with Danger Rising. Players will gain access to toys such as a hoverboard, yes, a hoverboard, and the Stormalong EM Zero. The latter device is a gravity-manipulating gun that fans should no doubt find greatly beneficial to Rico’s ever-expanding arsenal. Yet, the hoverboard is likely to draw the most attention. In true Just Cause fashion, this device will alter the gameplay experience like no other. Want to traverse the ocean’s surface? No problem. Want to take out helicopters from the air while kickflipping with style? Again, no problem.

See just how insane things are bound to get in the trailer for Just Cause 4’s Danger Rising DLC in the video below:

Rico, of course, has other priorities as well. These new gadgets aren’t just for fun. During the eight new missions for Danger Rising, he and Tom Sheldon join forces to put a stop the Agency, which apparently aims to eliminate them both. Rico’s and Tom’s first stop is a recently surfaced submarine, sitting on the coast of Solís, Just Cause 4’s South America-inspired setting.

Just Cause 4 launched in December 2018 for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. The previous two content packs for the expansion, Dare Devils of Destruction and Los Demonios, are currently available across all three platforms.

[Source: Square Enix via Gamasutra]