Of Course There Will Be a Just Cause 4 Expansion Pass

Just Cause 4 is gearing up for a wild ride, and the post-launch content aims to carry the excitement into 2019. Following Avalanche Studios’ reveal of the game recently going gold, details were announced about an expansion pass. The Dare Devils, Demons, and Danger add-ons begin rolling out in 2019.

The content is divided into three separate packs, each with its own theme. Details for each are outlined below:

  • Dare Devils: Pack 1 – Takes racing and destruction to new heights as Rico battles the gangs of the Solis underground in heart stopping death races and rampage rallies.
  • Demons: Pack 2 –  Rico faces an ancient demonic force that infests Solis and poses a terrifying threat to its people.
  • Danger: Pack 3 –  Rico’s former employer mysteriously appears in Solis, bringing advanced technology, secret weapons and specially trained operatives.

A teaser trailer, cryptic in every fashion, accompanied the expansion pass information.

Purchasing Just Cause 4’s Gold Edition nets players access to each pack in the expansion seven days early. Of course, fans can grab the pass separately. At this time, however, details for pricing have yet to be revealed. Additionally, a specific release date in the 2019 window remains unknown.

Just Cause’s latest entry seems a bold new step in the long-running franchise. Avalanche’s ambitious new sandbox features the series’ most diverse world. Story and character are supposedly taking center stage, too. We will see how it all comes together soon enough.

Just Cause 4 launches on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on December 4, 2018.

[Source via VG247]