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MGS: Peace Walker Tip Toes Close to 500k Sold

May 7, 2010Written by Cameron Teague

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker has finally stepped onto the PSP in Japan and first week sales for Naked Snake and company are very good. The game didn’t hit the 500K mark for the first week but got very close with 425K copies sold in the land of the Rising Sun. These are great numbers for the portable game and should get stronger in the coming weeks as this week may have been slowed by the release of Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 for the DS.

The game will be landing on store shelves here in the west this June and should see the same strong sales. The week also saw Super Street Fighter IV sell 81K copies and Nier RepliCant staying strong with 21K sold, bringing its total to 81K in Japan.