New Medal of Honor Trailer Leaves “A Message” in Your Mind

The keyword for the new Medal of Honor title is ‘authenticity’. Rather than having the main character survive a nuclear blast or racing around on snowmobiles, EA Los Angeles and DICE brought in 3 ‘Tier 1 Operators’ to assist with the development of the game to achieve the most realistic experience possible. The newest trailer, “Leave a Message” takes a different approach than most Military FPS have taken in the past and one word sums it up perfect: Powerful. If you’re a fan of the series or potentially a new one, you need to check out this trailer.

If you’re wondering why the soldier didn’t exactly tell his wife the truth, Greg Goodrich, Executive Producer for Medal of Honor explains why:

The actual phone message Jim leaves for his family back home changed after we showed it to one of our military consultants. When he first heard the message, he offered up a dose of reality. He explained to us that when you are deployed and in harm’s way, you tell your loved ones whatever they need to hear to keep them from worrying. Even when you are moments away from stepping outside the wire to conduct a raid or begin a major offensive, you never disclose anything. You assure them that you are fine and that you will be fine, knowing it will help them sleep at night. We let this information settle in for a few hours and then we rewrote the dialog to what you hear now.

See what I said about authenticity? Make sure you check out the trailer, “Leave A Message” and oh yeah, get this..the Multiplayer Beta is coming soon. Oh yeah. Remember how successful the Battlefield 2: Bad Company beta was on the PS3? I can only imagine how much Medal of Honor’s beta is going to kick ass.

Medal of Honor takes to the war to Afghanistan on October 12th in the US and October 15th in Europe.