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Michael Pachter Talks PSP2 Price Point

Even with its sleek appearance and numerous features, the PSP Go has turned many potential buyers away from purchasing the portable device due to its hefty price tag. Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Patcher recognised this problem, and recently shared his thoughts on the subject. Now, Patcher has given his opinion on what price Sony should aim for with the PSP2.

Michael Patcher recently spoke to IndustryGamers where he revealed that the price the PSP2 should be.

“I think that the PSPgo is a fine device, but the price point has absolutely killed it.  If Sony takes it and makes it more expensive with multiple cameras, I think that they will destroy the brand.  The only way I can see a PSP resurgence is to price it below the iPod Touch, which is a versatile device with a really great display.  The PSP2 has to be priced at $199 or lower to have a real shot.  If it has a Cell processor, that price point isn’t likely.”

The PSP2 is rumored to be a powerful beast, with recent rumors speculating it could include two cameras as well as quad-core CPU. How much would you be willing to pay for a PSP2? Tell us in the comments below.