Free 3D Gaming Coming Soon

Soon in 3D!

Televisions worldwide are currently in the transition to the third dimension. At the front of this charge is none other than Sony. Besides a free firmware update apparently coming next month, a slew of games are rumored to have updates in the works that will help you enter this latest realm of gaming. Learn what games might be moving up a level in depth after the jump!

Coming in the form of simple software updates, the following games will supposedly receive patches to enable 3D gaming: WipEout HD, Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, Super Stardust HD, and PAIN. These 3D-enabled games might also apparently come for free (via PSN vouchers, we’d imagine) with new 3D Sony Bravia televisions. There will likely be some texture and/or resolution downgrades when you enable that fancy new mode, however, so graphics lovers may have to think twice about doing so. So who’s in for this new wave of immersion?