Sony Puts the Brakes On GT5 Release Date

May 23, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Gran Turismo 5 has become synonymous with the words delay and coming soon. Sony have yet again commented on Polyphony Digital’s upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusives’ release date. What do they say this time? Apparently there will be even more waiting.

Speaking in an interview with GameTrust, Sony Germany’s product manager assures fans that the racing simulators’ release date will be made soon.

You just have to wait a little longer until we announce a new date, only some days…or weeks.

We know that the fans are waiting for it and we want to release it too. I think that it’s more painful for us than for the fans that we couldn’t hold the last date. The next time we announce a release date we’ll be one-hundred per cent sure that we can hold it and won’t make the mistake we did with the March date.

Sony and Polyphony Digital delayed the Japan release date for the racer back in March.

Yamauchi will apparently be announcing the official Gran Turismo 5 release date soon. An E3 announcement is certainly becoming likely.