Lost Planet 2 Takes a Shot at Used Game Sales

May 24, 2010Written by Christopher Gordon-Douglas

Lost Planet 2 was released recently as a sequel to the ambitious third-person shooter Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, and already there has been bugs discovered within the shooter pertaining to some of the game’s trophies. Now, Capcom’s included a trophy/achievement in Lost Planet 2 that rewards the player for not selling or trading the the game for six months.

Seen over at Andriasang, players are awarded the “Running Through 6” trophy after 6 months from which you’ve played the game. Some individuals have found a way of bypassing the six months in less than 5 minutes,

  1. Before starting the game, remove the LAN cable and set the clock seven months back.
  2. Create save data file.
  3. Return to the dash board, connect your LAN cable, and connect to Live.
  4. Start up the game and load up the save file.

This looks to be Capcom’s method of luring the gamer to play their game a little bit longer, and also looks to be a positive step forward in the battle against losing sales to the used game market.