Artistically Beautiful Ico Calls for HD Screenshots

The PlayStation 2’s exclusive action-adventure game Ico was not only one of the most memorable titles in the past decade, but is also one of the most artistic titles of all time. Since the announcement of a God of War Collection last year, gamers worldwide have been begging for a Team ICO collection. New images of the title in HD prove just how beautiful the game would look on current-day hardware.

A user on the NeoGAF forums has posted some screenshots of Ico in HD. The screenshots were taken on a PC using one of the latest builds of a PlayStation 2 emulator. For a game released roughly 9-years ago, it is surprising to see such visual quality and art direction that is as good if not better than many current-generation games.

The God of War Collection was not only a welcome addition to the PlayStation 3’s strong library, but it also sold well. A Team Ico collection would be a wonderful release for the PS3 system, and along with Shadow of the Colossus, Ico could gain some new fans.

Check out the screenshots of Ico in HD below: