PlayStation Home Core Client Update Coming This Week

PlayStation Home Community Manager CydoniaX has just revealed that users of the ever-growing social network will be in for quite an interesting week.

This Tuesday, June 1st will usher in the release of PlayStation Home Core Client Update v1.36 following a brief period of downtime around 2am PST/5am EST the same day. There’s no word yet on exactly what this update will bring, but it will more than likely focus on bug fixes with the possibility of some minor cosmetic tweaks and feature changes. There have been numerous bugs and glitches plaguing several aspects of the Home experience since the initial release of v1.30 and have yet to be fixed, most notably the issue which causes Central Plaza to completely freeze your PS3 upon entry and some game-breaking bugs which actually require that the user delete Home altogether and re-install it. Will some of these be resolved in this latest update? We sure hope so.

Patch notes are scheduled to go live this Monday night before the publish and you can bet we’ll have them right here for your viewing pleasure. Are there any changes that you Home users out there are anticipating? Let us know in the comments below!