Why You Can’t Hogtie Your Friends in RDR Multiplayer

May 30, 2010Written by Paulmichael Contreras

RDR, or Red Dead Redemption as it’s known by us common folk, is a blast. Perhaps even more so online. But if you’re looking for some laughs with a lasso over the Internet, you’ll find that weapon conspicuously absent from your arsenal, and Rockstar has the reason why.

Can't do this to your online buddies...

As spotted on the official UK PS.Blog, Rockstar explained in an interview the reasons why the lasso does not exist online:

…trying to get a curving, fluid-like piece of rope to work in single player was a massive technical challenge in itself, but the potential for 16 lassos attempting to interact with each other to cause knotty technical problems meant we had to confine the lasso to single player.

So although the Rockstar development team can work impressive feats of programming, it looks like one thing that eluded them was making lassos work online. The game is still impressive without this small feature, and you can check out our extensive review of one of the best Western games ever created here.