3-Dimensional Gaming Officially Debuts with Super Stardust 3D

As of today, 3D gaming has officially debuted and Sony is leading the revolutionary charge. While Sony have stated that the first updates will be available on June 10th, which is still days away, users are reporting that the highly-acclaimed PSN exclusive Super Stardust HD already supports 3D.

Forum posters at Audio Visual Forums are saying that the 3D gaming experience is “surreal” and “looks gorgeous”. The update may be premature, but can be obtained by downloading a fresh copy of Super Stardust HD. Sony may have included the upcoming update with the new downloads as of this week’s PlayStation Store update, so while it might be unintentional, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the wonderful experience of 3D technology within the confines of your entertainment center a bit early.

Sony have already confirmed 3D updates for games such as WipEout HD, Motorstorm: Pacific Rift as well as PAIN, and the beautiful Killzone 3 has recently been announced as supporting 3D technology as well. We should expect to see more supported titles at E3 in less than 2-weeks, so keep your eyes open.