SCEA: Exclusive 3D Content in Future

Whether you like it or not, 3D gaming is coming. Recently, Sony’s mandatory firmware update, version 3.30, not only included new trophy features, but also prepared the PlayStation 3’s to display 3D images for games. With this update, and Sony’s announcement of an upcoming update to allow for 3D movie playback, it is quite obvious this may not be a “fad” after all. And SCEA certainly does not believe it is, as a recent interview suggests.

Speaking with GamerLive, David Coombes, platform research manager at SCEA, boasted that 3D content would, down the road, receive exclusive content.

“The predictions for the amount of 3D TV’s that are going to be sold are pretty bullish, so we could easily see 3D exclusive content within maybe three years, four years.”

With Sony’s 3D line of Bravia TV’s coming this summer, and more on the way, from rival manufactures, the market will certainly be there. What seems to be the only thing holding the average consumer back, is the expensive price tag that will sure to accompany these new television’s. 1080p TV’s, having just fully penetrated the market, were an expensive commodity for many consumers, and they might not be ready to go out and purchase a new television.

In any case, the coming year will certainly be interesting, as the gaming world is holding its breath right now, seeing where this 3D course will run. What about you, will you purchase a 3D television? Will you wait? Or is this just a fad that will eventually fade away? Post your responses in the comments section below.