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“Legendary” Game Dev will Unveil “Top Secret Project” Tomorrow

The biggest gaming event of the year is less than a week away. The moment we’ve all been waiting for, for announced sequels, IP’s, technology and even hardware is mere hours from being jotted in the gaming history books. But it’s not just the main event that everyone is anticipating for fresh news.- it’s this time of the year, and now that it’s here, it just keeps pourin’ in.

A video promo surfaced for GTTV’s big E3 “Behind the Scenes”. It promises thrill and chills, but most tantalizing was the voiceover’s statement about 40 seconds in promising a moment we won’t forget:

“And don’t miss a shocking surprise when one of the most legendary names in gaming unveils his top secret new project for the first time”

Check the video for the full details

Mark your calendars and set your DVR: GTTV premieres tomorrow, June 11th, at 11pm EST on Spike TV.

As for now- let the speculations roll! Who’s it going to be? David Jaffe? Ken Levine? David Cage? Hideo Kojima!? Let’s hear your thoughts, and don’t forget to keep it at PlayStation Lifestyle for all the debut E3 news.