Gundemonium Shootin’ Up a PS3 Near You

In case you didn’t have you shoot-em-up fix already, Sony Online Entertainment and Rockin’ Android are looking to help you out.

Gundemonium Collection has just been announced for the PlayStation Network. A trio of Japan’s finest shmups, Gundemonium is made up of Gundemonium ReCollection, GundeadliGne, and Hitogata Happa, each with their own unique twists on the “bullet-hell” subgenre. If you’re a fan of Gradius or R-Type and white-knuckle heart-wrenching action, look no further.

According to Rockin’ Android President Enrique Galvez,

In the Japanese indie-gaming scene, very few developers are as respected as Platine Dispositif. Their games provide plenty of solid white-knuckle-intense gameplay, and ageless retro-gaming style. If “steampunk,” alchemy, and dodging unhealthy doses of flying lead (while dishing plenty back out) sounds good to you, Gundemonium Collection has got you covered. Bullet-hell shoot-em-up fans, don’t blink. It’s time to take notice. Alchemical mayhem isn’t all these games have going for them, not by a long shot. The beauty and ferocity of the Gundemonium games is not-to-be-missed in both its mythology and aesthetic.

The collection of 3 games can all be purchased for $14.99, or each title individually for $5.99 each. Be sure to keep an eye when these come out, and PlayStation LifeStyle will tell you just when that will be. And remember, continue to stop by PlayStation LifeStyle all next week for continuous E3 coverage!