inFamous 2 Shocking 2011 Line-Up

When inFamous was released in 2009, it was met with high critical acclaim with some calling it one of the best PlayStation 3 games to ever be released. Among those who critiqued the game, several said that the presentation of Empire City was a significant factor in the success of the game – continuing to say the parkour gameplay was well done and avoided a “frustration-fest” that other recent game have brought about.

In details published by Eurogamer, they detail what’s to come from the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive, inFamous 2. Developer Sucker Punch is aiming for a “more emotional, more personal, more physical, more visceral” sequel, according to game director Nate Fox. The game starts off where the original left off, with Cole taking on a new enemy named The Beast which arrives in the ruins of Empire City. Sucker Punch have also included new powers such as the ionic vortex, which creates a tornado that can even be used to take down helicopters. Cole may also get to master non-electric superpowers, although electricity remains the focus.

With Sony’s E3 press conference due on Tuesday it will be exciting to see what inFamous 2 has to offer for fans of the first, also during Sony’s E3 conference they are expected to showcase the likes of Killzone 3, Gran Turismo 5, and Motorstorm Apocalypse. For all the latest news from E3 be sure to check out PlayStation LifeStyle.