“Sly Cooper Collection” Spotted at E3, Coming in 3D

Excitement was definitely among the PlayStation crowd when Infamous 2, the sequel to 2009’s open world superhero hit, was announced. However, it was a bitter sweet moment, as developer Sucker Punch had been rumored to be working on the much demanded Sly Cooper 4. Although a fourth iteration of the famous raccoon’s adventures seems distant, Sly Cooper may be returning to the PS3 sooner than we expected.

Hours ago an image was taken of the yet unopened Sony E3 booth, capturing a blurry banner that appeared to be for a “Sly Cooper Collection”. On the right of the banner is an apparent 3D logo, revealing that the collection may use the stereoscopic 3D the PS3 now uses. 1UP first revealed the image on their website, but it was taken down quickly. Thankfully, various websites were able to capture the image beforehand.

Sony’s E3 press conference begins today. Expect some big news.